Tallyman Bananas

The taste of Northland!


Banana stems

If you are looking for banana stems either for a small-scale holding or a larger plantation, talk to us - we will either supply the stems directly from our own plantation or another grower, or put you in touch with an alternative supplier.

Plantation advice

If you are keen to establish a plantation of your own, talk to us. We have helped a number of plantation owners get under way in Northland. Depending on the size of your order, there may or may not be a charge for our advice.

Banana plants needing some love?

If you've got some banana plants that you think are out of control or looking poorly, we can help.  If you've bought or inherited a banana plantation (this is quite common!) and don't know how to manage the plants, talk to us. Even if you're not sure whether you want to keep them, please don't destroy the plants, because they have value! Depending on your circumstances and whether or not, for example, we can thin out your plants to improve your yields and on-sell your 'pups', we may not need to charge you, but if we do our rates will be agreed with you beforehand.

Fruit from our plantation / orchard

As our crops come into fruit, we are selling directly to local cafes and restaurants - we like low food miles and know you do too. Contact us to see what we have available!

Please contact us for more information.