Tallyman Bananas

The taste of Northland!


Like many people in Northland, we had grown bananas with moderate success for a long time, producing fruit that were tasty but small. In 2015 we met Owen Schafli, tropical plant guru. Owen hails from South Africa, and no-one told him that he couldn't grow bananas in New Zealand, so he set about doing what he does best. Inspired and educated by Owen, we caught the 'banana bug' ourselves and started our first plantation. Other like-minded people soon came on board too, and now we have the beginnings of a banana industry in Northland. 

We moved to a 57 acre farm in Maungatapere in September 2017, and have been steadily converting around 1/3 of the area to tropical fruits. We are a boutique banana plantation with many different varieties being established, and are open to the public at weekends from 9 - 4 from December to February, and otherwise by appointment.


We are a husband and wife team - Hugh & Pauline Rose. Hugh is full time on the farm as well as sourcing banana stems and providing plantation advice, and Pauline works for Uber Group (the broadband people) as well as running the accounts and admin for Tallyman, and working on her own passion, lotus plants and waterlilies. Tallyman Bananas is part of 'Land of the Lotus' and if you come to visit you are welcome to wander around the watergardens and bush walks.